Our homes annual quality assurance questionnaire.

Wellbeing - links with local schools

A warm welcome to 2023 from all of us at St. Vincents. Thank you to all of those who recently completed the homes annual quality assurance questionnaire. We have collected the results and are very happy with both the scores and comments. Here is a taster: ‘YOU CARE’ ‘CREATE A CARING AND FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT.’ ‘PROVIDE […]

Happy New Year 2023!

A warm welcome to 2023 from all of us at St. Vincent’s. This month, we roll out our annual Quality Assurance Questionnaire, to get feedback on our service. This information is then gathered and shared, with feedback. The Quality Assurance Questionnaire is one on of the many methods we use throughout the year to gain […]

Children In Need 2022

The staff team clubbed together to raise money for Children In Need by wearing their pyjamas to work–It was a very comfy experience! As everyone is now looking forward to the World Cup, we’ve run two sweepstakes. Some people were happy with their picks and some, not so much! The winner will receive £50 and […]

Welcome to Autumn

Welcome to Autumn Halloween decorations

A warm welcome to Autumn from all of us at St.Vincent’s. We are looking forward to the coming months in the lead up to Christmas, which we hope will be more of a celebration than we have been able to have in the last two years with Covid. I know both staff and residents will […]

Welcome to Nadia Kirby

St Vincent's Care Summerhouse

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Nadia Kirby as she joins our team. Nadia has taken on the role of Activities Coordinator. Nadia has a strong background within theatre management and has had previous experience in the activities role in other care settings. Nadia has been with us for just over […]

Jubilee Party Fun in the sun!

What a fabulous time was had by all at our Jubilee Party fun in the sun! The families arrived at a garden full of sunshine and Jubilee decorations. Residents were ‘Jubilee ready’, with the England Flag painted boldly on their cheeks, a straw hat on their heads and smiles all around. Staff served out cool […]

Jubilee Celebrations

St Vincents residents sunbathing

St Vincent’s Care residents are really looking forward to their big Jubilee celebration tomorrow, with entertainment and lots of fun planned! Our residents have been out sunning themselves while they watch the garden being decorated for the occasion – we’re not sure we will be having a visit from the corgies though!! In one of […]

Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year from all the residents, their families and our staff at St. Vincent’s Care! We would like to wish you a safe and fun-filled 2022!

Kerri Goodsell’s new qualification

Senior Carer - Kerri Goodsell

Kerri Goodsell’s new qualification: We are delighted that Kerri, our Senior Carer recently gained her Level 5 Qualification in Team Leading. Kerri has put in lots of hard work for this award, so we are, of course, thrilled for her. Well Done Kerri!

We’re an Award Winning Care Home in Bexhill!

Award Winning Care Home in Bexhill

We are super-proud and delighted to announce that last night, Thursday 21st October 2021, we became an award winning care home in Bexhill! We were winners of the Collaboration Award at the East Sussex Big Thank You Award Ceremony! Thank you to our amazing team who always go above and beyond what is ‘required’ of […]