“I always declared I would never go into a nursing home, but nature told me otherwise.

It brings me comfort knowing that there’s always someone at the end of a call bell, which is particularly comforting at night.

I feel we are extremely fortunate to have such friendly members of staff – Pat”


“Since mum became a resident we have always found the atmosphere very happy and welcoming the staff go above and beyond to make sure all the residents are well cared for. The food is very good, activities are provided everyday to encourage the residents to remain active. We could not wish for a better place for mum.

The Vennon family- “

Really Happy

“I’ve been at Bymead nearly 3 years and count my blessings at being able to stay in a home with such caring and kind staff, with varied activities and trips out if you wish to join.

There is a hair dressing salon with a qualified hairdresser once a week who is very chatty, friendly, and good at hairdressing, although I can chat to anybody!

On the whole Bymead is first class and I look forward to celebrating my 100th Birthday with everybody – Jess

Healthy and Happy

“Bymead House is a lovely home, my dad is very settled here. The staff are lovely and I know he is safe with them.”

A dramatic change

“Bymead is a wonderful care home – it’s friendly, safe, clean, and mum is really well looked after and we’re always updated about her care.  The menus and food are excellent and the birthday cakes for residents are fantastic!  There’s an amazing line up of entertainment daily to cater for everyone’s interests and hobbies – mum loves the sing-alongs, themed lunches, garden walks and scrabble. Visiting is totally open and flexible, and a great opportunity to see Bymead in action, and meet other residents and their relatives. Across all the staff, everyone is kind, friendly and attentive, always showing a fabulous rapport with residents – it’s great to see them having a laugh with mum and some cheeky banter. The gardens are a jewel in the crown, and much used by mum for walks and visits, and the setting for numerous Bymead social events.

The Williams family”

Top Marks

“My husband has been in Bymead since last October. It was a difficult decisison for me as i had been his sole carer since he had a slight stroke years before. Being hospitalised after fracturing my pelvis caring became difficult and having a variety of carers in our home wasn’t working for either of us. My children who live in London insisted i should look at a placement for my husband.
I was very anti this so I came to Bymead with a very negative view of nursing home in general having herd bad things in the media. Bymead was highly recommended as being the best in the area but even then, at first i decided no one could care for my husband as well as me.
However i now have to admit i was premature in my initial assessment not having given the carers the time they needed to get to know him and his funny little ways. Now i have nothing but praise for the ways your amazing carers ensure he is safe, happy and well cared for and i thank them all sincerely. Not only do they care for my husband but they have become my friends too making sure i have coffee and cake to sustain me on my long visits.
From easter and though the summer i have a little job which will mean i will only be visiting after lunch and so will now be relaxed about leaving him for longer periods in your safe and happy environment.
Ican only thank you for your warm welcome to us both, and i can only assume all your other residents feel the same judging from your Instagram. Many thanks to Alison for all her help when i have had administration queries.”

Warm and Caring

“I was bornin Charmouth in 1933 about 100 yards from Bymead and have always lived in the village.
I knew the former owner of Bymead he was the village chemist.
After it became a nursing home I’ve visited relatives and friends over the years and never herd any complaints.
My opinion of Bymead now is excellent, I’ve never known such a happy work force. The staff laughing and singing and if anything needs to be done it’s seen to immediately and efficiently and the food is excellent.
Brian Bowditch”

A wonderful job

“Just want to add my thanks to all the staff for such a wonderful job in difficult times, it is much appreciated. Thank you for everything you are doing.”


“I come into Bymead twice a week and each time I’m met with a smile and a warm welcome. Every member of staff is friendly, polite and happy to help with any requests.
I love coming into Bymead as it feels very homely. 
It is warm and well decorated and it feels a very welcoming home.
I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is considering respite or permeant care.
Helen J Williams.”


“The quality of care is outstanding for my dad, all staff are incredibly kind and respectful.”


“Bymead has such a warm homely feel, the staff are fun and friendly, and very caring. The food is splendid. Every day there are interactive activities and all the residents look happy.
Sarah Wryth.”
Accommodation - Wellbeing - painting


We passionately believe that the body and the mind are very closely linked and that keeping the body active, even for those who are perhaps less mobile than they once were.


The connection that binds us to each other, to our residents, their families, and the community.

Nutrition - a typical meal


We cater for different dietary requirements and provide home cooked meals prepared onsite.